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Behind Petite and So What…

« Small is beautiful », a statement that has followed me since my birth. Being the child of 1.51 meter high mother and a 1.61 meter high father, I could not fight against the laws of genetics. Even with the liters of soup I have gulped down, I have stopped my growth at 1.52 meters.  Due to this I tasted the delights of having a small size: first row on every yearbook photos, being surrounded by a giants crowd during concerts, and a big problem (especially for me who is a fashionista) finding clothes and shoes that suit me!

Being a teen, I was wearing whatever I found and altered all my clothes. Over time, I learned to adapt my outfits to my morphology and developed my own petite style. Today, I’m 30 and I am assuming my small size. I am convinced that fashion and minimum size can be reconciled. Yes, I am Petite, and so What? Indeed, being a Petite have its advantages. We look younger and are able to dress up in any ways without being judged and finally, we can shop in the kids sections of our favorite brands (and the credit card thank us).

With ingenuity, there are a thousand ways to dress up when you are a petite and it is what I wanted to share with those who like me, have encountered difficulties finding there iconic items in the « standard » collection, that I have created in 2013 « Le Monde des Petites »; a fashion blog which combined tricks and advices for petites and designers discoveries.

Now, in addition to fashion advices for petite, I would like to share with you my lifestyle: share my cooking recipes, my dinner outings and to release more DIY and sewing posts (we are our own best advocates)… This is what I want to convey to you through this new blog Petite and so What.


It is my hubby who takes me in photo. We use for the shootings, a Canon EOS 650D with a 18-55mm camera lens and a fix focus 50mm lens.


Regarding the partnerships, I select with the utmost care the brands with whom I collaborate. These collaborations are usually done by means of shipping or lending of products. Everything I present in my posts is absolutely in line with my editorial policy, a given product is always captioned by an asterisk (*) and a lent product by this sign (¤). That way, it is transparent for you!

Good visit on Petite and So Shat!

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